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One Person Company Registration

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about this?

One Person Company is a new form of business registration introduced under Companies Act, 2013, enabling a single person to register a company. This has been started to give all budding entrepreneurs a chance to start their venture without any mandatory requirement of two directors.

So if you want to start your company but don’t have a co-founder, then don’t wait any longer. Register your OPC and get started!!

How it Works?

Our expert professional consultant will call you to understand your requirements.

Payment link will be sent to your email along with all the details of required documents.

One of our experts will be assigned to collect all your documents and other details.

We will inform you as soon as the company is incorporated and will send the documents.

Advantages & benefits

Better Growth

Owing to its credibility, startups got preferred by corporate customers, investors and Govt. agencies.

Continous Existence​

Allows you to continue the business operations even if any of the member leaves.​

Easy to Manage

OPC is comparatively easy to set up & maintain as 1 person is required for decision making.

Limited Liability​

Keeps you and your personal assets safe as it is a legally identified separate entity.

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Rs 14,999

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Frequently asked questions

  • 1 shareholder and Director – He can be the person who owns the company.
  • 1 Nominee – He will become the shareholder in case of death/incapacity of the original shareholder.
  • And a registered office – can be owned or rented.

Minimum authorized share capital required for One Person Company having share capital is Rs.1,00,000/-

No, a person can only be a member in 1 OPC.

It is necessary to convert OPC once the paid up share capital of an OPC is more than fifty lakh rupees or annual turnover is more than 2 crores.

Yes, for an OPC company 1 nominee is required and his/her consent is also required before nomination. Nominee can be any Indian citizen above 18 years of age.

No, Minimum requirement to register an OPC is that the person is an Indian citizen or resident of India.  Resident of India is someone who has stayed in India for at least 182 days in the last 1 year.

No, the entire procedure is online. You only have to send us the scanned copy of your documents.

Minimum 1 director is required and an OPC can have a maximum of 15 directors.

Shares can be issued only to the single shareholder of that OPC not to anyone else.