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Employment Contract

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An employment agreement is a document which outlines the bounds of relationship between an employer and employee.

It is an agreement entered into between an employer and an employee at the time, the employee is hired, that describes the nature of their business relationship, specifically what the employee will receive in exchange for specific work performed.

It consists of Job title and description, Compensation, Confidentiality requirements, Non-compete clause, Termination information and other important sections.

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Our in-house legal team will get in touch with you to understand about your requirements and all the details necessary for the formation of documents.

After payment of money through the payment link send by us through email, your information will be shared with the lawyer to get the legal document drafted.

The legal document will be drafted within 3 working days after it is shared to the professional lawyer (which will be notified to you by your dedicated expert).

Final legal document will be delivered to you and if there is any rectification that you want to make in the legal document then 2 days time will be given after delivery.

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