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about this?

Consumer complaints are the grievances of consumer after purchase of any good or services from any company. Companies now a days do not respond to the customers after the sale of their product or service which results in the harassment of the consumer. The consumer has to suffer due to this unprofessional behaviour of the company and companies easily gets away from it. But Consumer Forum India has given consumer the rights to take action against the company. Consumer can file a complaint against the company for the redressal of their problem.

Who can file a complaint?

  • Consumer/Customer himself
  • Group of consumers having same interest
  • Registered organisation
  • Legal heirs of a deceased consumer
  • Relatives of a consumer
  • Central or State Government

Where to File?

Customer can present your case yourself or you can hire a lawyer to present your case. The written complaint can be filed in:

  • The District Forum at District Level– The jurisdiction of this forum entertains complains of value equal to or less than INR 20 Lacs.
  • State Commission at the State level– The jurisdiction of this forum entertains complains of value equal to or less than INR 1 crores.
  • National Commission at National level– The jurisdiction of this forum entertains complains of value more than 1 Crores.

The complaint should be supported with all the relevant documents and should be filed in the prescribed format along with the notice sent to the concerned party. The complaint should be filed within the time period of 2 year.

How it Works?

Our in-house team will get in touch with you to understand your problem and inquire about the matter with the concerned company/person.

After payment of money through the payment link send by us through email, our team will follow up with the company on your behalf for quick redressal.

If no resolution is provided till 7 days, our expert lawyer will send a legal notice to the company/person after taking an approval from your end.

We will wait for 15 days after sending the legal notice, if no response from the company's end then we will help you consult an attorney to file the case.

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