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Raise Funds for your Startup

About this?

Are you looking for raising funds or want to invest in a startup? Bingo, We can help!! We provide multiple ways for a startup to raise seed fund from our community of angel investors, VC Funds and more.

Every startup is different, so are our fundraising programs. We provide specifically designed virtual incubation and acceleration to startups. 

In case, you are an investor, we have a range of startups for you to invest into and grow with us.



Get mentored by Startup India mentors along with other highly experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.


Be a part of the latest events relevant to your startups happening online or near your location.


Get lots of resources related to legal, execution, marketing, revenue model, pitching, strategic growth and more.

Discounted Services

Avail exclusive discounts on the services provided by us and our partners to our associated startups.


Get funds up to Rs 5 Millions through our incubation and acceleration program, depending on your startup stage.


Find your next co-founder, team, job or internship through our virtual/physical meetups.

Choose the perfect Program

Raise Funds

We believe in actions that’s the reason we do not provide any theoretical course. We help you in your startup journey by providing seed funding of up to Rs50 Lakhs through our virtual incubation and acceleration program depending on your startup’s stage. Once associated, we will be a part of your team through our planning and strategies for the success of your startup.

Invest with Us

Fundraising is one of the most important phase in a startup’s journey and we help early to mid-stage startups getting required funds. We source and curate startups through our multiple partnerships and venture partners and share only relevant startups to our investors community. Be a part of the team and get a chance to invest in the next unicorn of India.