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About This?

Experience the future of customer engagement with our state-of-the-art AI Bot. Seamlessly integrating Live Chat, Shoppable Videos, and an intuitive Chatbot interface, our platform redefines customer interactions. Whether it’s guiding shoppers through interactive videos or providing instant support via live chat, our AI Bot ensures personalized assistance at every step. Additionally, our Chatbot harnesses the power of AI to generate comprehensive FAQs, empowering customers with instant answers to their queries. Elevate your business with our innovative solution, optimizing customer satisfaction and driving conversions. With AI Bot at the helm, transform your customer service experience into a dynamic, efficient, and memorable journey for every user.

How it Works?

You can sign up for the free plan, there's no credit card required.

One of our team members will contact you to discuss further.

We will work with you to create an amazing AI bot for your business.

Once you are ready, we are always here for the support.

Advantages & Benefits

24/7 Availability

Can be used to provide customer support or answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

chatbot efficiency

Continous Existence​

Allows you to continue the business operations even if any of the member leaves.​


Can be personalized to each customer's individual needs, which can lead to a better customer experience.

lead generation

Generate Leads

Lets you to get customer details even when you are offline or not available.

Interact With Videos

Welcome in a unique way

Custom call to actions

Different at each page

Easy to swipe videos

Live Chat & FAQs

Offer human or AI based chat

Can add multiple users

Quick resolution via QAs

And a lot more!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing depends on the number of users visit on your website. But it starts from Rs 4,999 per month with no limit on the number of videos and FAQs.

No, there won’t be any limit except the number of unique users visiting. You can upgrade and downgrade as per your usage.

Yes, we provide free customization on our 6-months plan. Otherwise, it’s a one-time setup cost of Rs 5,000+ 18% GST or USD 99

Yes, we offer a discount if a customer goes for an annual plan. 

Simply signup on the link provided, with your email address and sometime from the team will reach out to you. Or Alternatively, you can reach out to us via our bot assistance. 

Not at all. All the multi bots are saved and run through our CDN network. We infact optimize your speed because we do not want you to leave. 

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