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About This?

Effortlessly gather great business leads for your startup with our tailored solutions. Our B2B lead generation page is made to help your business grow faster. We use smart strategies and proven methods to connect you with lots of potential clients, boosting your startup’s success.

Today, take your business higher by using our expert lead generation services. We make sure you always have a steady flow of valuable B2B leads to keep your startup growing. Trust us to handle the ins and outs of lead generation so your startup can do great in today’s competitive world. Get access to tools and strategies made just for your startup, giving you the edge to reach your business goals and build lasting connections.

How it Works?

Our expert professional consultant will call you to understand your requirements.

Payment link will be sent to your email along with all the details of required details.

One of our experts will be assigned to work with you to setup the funnel and lead generation process.

We will keep you posted with the regular updates on the leads generated & other steps involved.


Boost Growth

Generate a steady stream of leads to fuel your sales pipeline, leading to increased sales & revenue growth.

Expand Market Reach

Identify & reach new target audiences, expanding your market presence & customer base.

Build Customer Loyalty

Connect with potential customers early in their buying journey, fostering meaningful relationship.

Optimizing Sales Strategies

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences & behaviors to refine your strategies.

Choose The Perfect One

Funded Startups

Get leads on the latest funded startups every month along with premium data points and verified emails. These leads could be suitable for professionals and service providers.

B2B Leads

We provide more than 100 B2B leads every month with decision maker's contact details for specific categories and requirements. The list includes multiple premium data points.

Custom Package

Here, we work for generating leads and reaching out to prospects for individual companies depending on their specific geographical & persona requirements on a contract basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business leads and B2B leads represent potential customers or clients interested in your offerings, vital for driving company growth. These leads serve as opportunities to expand sales and business reach, contributing to increased revenue.

The significance of business leads lies in their potential to:

1. Enhance Sales Opportunities: Converting these leads into customers amplifies sales and bolsters the customer base.

2. Targeted Marketing: Tailoring marketing strategies to cater to the needs of these leads boosts conversion rates.

3. Facilitate Business Expansion: New leads facilitate market exploration, allowing businesses to reach diverse segments and expand their presence.

4. Forge Strong Relationships: Engaging with leads builds trust, fostering long-term customer relationships, referrals, and repeat business.

5. Inform Strategic Decisions: Analyzing lead behavior provides insights crucial for shaping marketing tactics and overall business strategies.

In summary, business leads and B2B leads are pivotal for company growth, offering avenues to convert interest into lasting business relationships, guiding business expansion, and driving revenue.

To generate high-quality business leads tailored to your industry or niche, consider implementing targeted strategies designed for maximum impact.

1. Industry-Centric Research: Conduct thorough research within your industry or niche to understand its unique needs, pain points, and preferences. Utilize this insight to customize your lead generation approach.

2. Optimized Content Creation: Develop content relevant to your industry, addressing specific challenges or offering solutions. Optimize this content with industry-specific keywords and phrases to attract and engage potential leads.

3. Utilize B2B Networking Platforms: Leverage B2B networking platforms and industry-specific forums or groups. Engage actively, share expertise, and build relationships with potential leads within your niche.

4. Tailored Landing Pages: Create dedicated landing pages optimized for industry-related keywords. Craft compelling and relevant content on these pages, offering valuable resources or solutions specific to your industry.

5. Industry-Centric Lead Magnets: Design lead magnets such as industry reports, case studies, or whitepapers addressing niche-specific concerns. Use these as incentives to attract and capture leads interested in your industry offerings.

6. Partnerships and Collaborations: Forge partnerships or collaborations with other businesses within your industry. Joint ventures or co-marketing efforts can expand your reach and attract industry-specific leads.

7. SEO Optimization: Ensure your website and content are optimized with industry-related keywords, facilitating easier discovery by leads searching for niche-specific solutions.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively generate high-quality business leads within your specific industry or niche, maximizing opportunities for growth and conversion.

We offer a range of leads tailored to various needs:

1. Recently Funded Startup Leads: Our service delivers leads comprising contact details from recently funded startups. These valuable insights into emerging businesses can help you explore potential partnerships or collaborations.

2. Paid B2B Leads: With this, you can select and gain access to a diverse range of leads seeking services such as SaaS tools, App developers, Immigration lawyers, International trademark, Ecommerce tools and other professional services and tools. These leads are regularly updated, providing opportunities for business growth and collaborations.

3. Investor and Incubator Contacts: Additionally, our service provides contact details of active investors and incubators. This resource is invaluable for startups seeking funding or guidance, fostering connections with potential investors or mentors.

Our aim is to offer comprehensive lead solutions tailored to your business needs, whether it’s exploring partnerships, finding services, or connecting with potential investors and mentors.

The list will include the following data points:

  1. Startup Name
  2. Brief Description
  3. Website
  4. Industry
  5. Company Location
  6. Company Linkedin
  7. Decision Maker Name
  8. Decision Maker Title
  9. Decision Maker Email
  10. Funding Amount
  11. Funding Stage
  12. Funding Date
  13. Revenue
  14. No. of Employees
  15. Technologies Used

The leads we offer are primarily shared among our community unless you opt for a customized package. Our standard service involves sharing these leads within a trusted network of businesses and professionals, ensuring a diverse pool of opportunities for all involved.

However, if you’re seeking exclusive access to leads without sharing them with others, we offer customized packages tailored specifically to meet your needs. These personalized packages provide an exclusive set of leads, ensuring that your business has sole access to these opportunities, maximizing your chances for unique connections and partnerships.

All information contained within our lists, including email addresses, is derived from publicly available sources. These sources encompass a wide range, including SEC filings, reputable news outlets, established funding platforms, various social media networks, and specialized niche blogs. Our meticulous process involves manual data collection followed by extensive cross-referencing across these sources. Human judgment and expertise guide our inclusion criteria for list entries.

This approach guarantees two critical aspects for our clients:

1. Data Verification: Each data point and associated email undergoes thorough verification to ensure accuracy and reliability.
2. Legitimate Sourcing: Our data originates solely from publicly accessible sources and is obtained through legitimate means. We strictly refrain from utilizing data obtained through unlawful or unauthorized methods, such as database hacking or breaches.

We can’t offer a guarantee of lead conversion, but the leads we provide have shown an inclination towards the service/tool, indicating a likelihood of interest.

Standing out when reaching out to leads involves strategic approaches tailored to engage and resonate with your audience. Here are some effective ways to make an impact:

1. Personalization: Craft personalized messages that speak directly to the lead’s needs, challenges, or interests. Show genuine interest in their specific situation to establish rapport.

2. Value Proposition: Clearly articulate how your product or service addresses their pain points or offers unique solutions. Highlight the benefits and value they stand to gain by engaging with your business.

3. Timely Follow-Ups: Ensure prompt follow-ups without being overly persistent. Timely responses demonstrate your commitment and interest in establishing a relationship.

4. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Clearly communicate your unique selling points that differentiate you from competitors. Showcase what makes your offering special.

5. Testimonials and Success Stories: Share client testimonials or success stories to build credibility and showcase the real impact of your products or services.

Remember, the key is to focus on building relationships rather than just pushing sales. Providing value, addressing needs, and establishing trust are paramount to standing out positively in your lead outreach efforts.